Biographer Podcast Ideas

Ready to finally start that Biographer podcast that you’ve been thinking about? We’ve put together ideas for naming your podcast, example podcast episodes, guest ideas, earning money from your Biographer podcast, a profile of your ideal listener, suggested formats for your podcast and sample questions.

Read our tips below and then check out the resources you need to start your Biographer podcast.

Starting Your Biographer Podcast

If you’re working in the Biographer role and looking to start a podcast, you’re in the right spot. In this article, we’ll look at all the things you need to start planning your Writing podcast.

Podcast Name Ideas

1. “Behind the Pen: The Biographer’s Journey”
2. “Ink and Insight: Conversations with Biographers”
3. “Unveiling Lives: The Art of Biography”
4. “Words That Echo: Exploring the Biographer’s Craft”
5. “The Biographer’s Notebook: Stories Worth Telling”

Podcast Episode Ideas

1. The Art of Research: Uncovering Hidden Stories
2. Capturing Lives: Approaches to Biographical Writing
3. Famous Biographies: Lessons from Iconic Lives
4. The Ethics of Biography: Balancing Truth and Empathy
5. Biographers in Conversation: Roundtable Discussion with Prominent Biographers

Podcast Guest Ideas

1. Ron Chernow – Renowned biographer of historical figures
2. Stacy Schiff – Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer
3. Walter Isaacson – Acclaimed biographer of innovators and visionaries
4. Jean Strouse – Noted biographer of cultural icons
5. Robert Caro – Award-winning biographer of political figures

Podcast Monetization Options

1. Sponsorships: Partnering with relevant brands or organizations
2. Patreon or Crowdfunding: Offering exclusive content or perks to supporters
3. Merchandise: Selling branded merchandise related to the podcast
4. Live Events: Hosting live shows or workshops for fans
5. Affiliate Marketing: Promoting products or services related to biographical writing

Persona of Ideal Listener

Name: Emily
Age: 35
Occupation: Aspiring biographer
Interests: History, literature, storytelling
Goals: Learning about the biographer’s craft, gaining insights from experienced writers, finding inspiration for her own projects

Suggested Formats for the Podcast

1. Interview Style: One-on-one conversations with biographers, discussing their work and experiences.
2. Panel Discussions: Inviting multiple biographers to discuss specific topics or themes.
3. Solo Episodes: Sharing personal insights, tips, and advice on biographical writing.
4. Book Reviews: Analyzing and discussing notable biographies.
5. Listener Q&A: Answering questions from aspiring biographers and providing guidance.

Exhaustive List of Questions for Biographers:
1. How do you choose your subjects for biographies?
2. What research methods do you find most effective?
3. How do you balance historical accuracy with engaging storytelling?
4. Can you share any memorable or challenging moments during your research?
5. What ethical considerations do you take into account when writing a biography?
6. How do you approach writing about controversial or sensitive aspects of a subject’s life?
7. What advice do you have for aspiring biographers starting their first project?
8. How do you handle conflicting accounts or differing perspectives on a subject’s life?
9. What role does empathy play in biographical writing?
10. How do you ensure your own biases don’t influence the portrayal of your subjects?
11. Can you share any tips for conducting interviews with people close to the subject?
12. How do you organize and structure the vast amount of information you gather?
13. What techniques do you use to bring historical figures to life on the page?
14. How do you approach writing about the personal lives of your subjects?
15. Can you discuss any challenges you faced in getting access to necessary resources or archives?
16. How do you handle criticism or controversy surrounding your biographies?
17. What impact do you hope your biographies have on readers?
18. Can you share any upcoming projects or subjects you’re excited about?
19. How has the field of biographical writing evolved over the years?
20. What advice would you give to someone considering a career as a biographer?

Ready to hit record?

You’ve had the idea for your Biographer podcast and you’ve now got a notepad full of ideas for how you can plan your Writing podcast. What next? Scroll up and check out our recommended podcast resources that will save you hours of time in getting your show on the road…or at least on air. Go get em’.

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